Human Resources Policy of Our Company;

To use human resources effectively as a customer oriented company which aims to be an international trademark by increasing market share in the sector, gives important to the employees, open to changes, has capability to be a leader in the sector, uses its resources as a global company, sensitive to the environment, labor health and labor safety, is conformable to the quality standards, continuously developing product and service quality in the direction of customer needs, monitors and apply technological developments, believes the creativity of the employees. For this reason;
Our dynamic and creative organization seeking excellence will increase the satisfaction of the individuals choosing us.


  • In order to develop the human resources with the consciousness of the value of human resources;
  • Establishing and applying systems in relation to the specifying the characteristics of human resources, election and employment,
  • Employing correct persons for the correct positions,
  • Providing the participation of Human Resources to the management as a strategic partner,
  • Creating happy employees adhered to the organization,
  • Providing quick access of the information needed by the employees in the shortest time,
  • Within the scope of ethical values, providing a working environment basing on the respect and confidence,
  • Providing an effective and positive relationship with syndicate,
  • Creating added-value to the performance of the company with investments made to the human resources,
  • Developing systems which encourage success and creativity, and hold the work satisfaction at maximum level,
  • Providing for creating “Organization Culture and Consciousness” which strengthen loyalty to the organization,
  • Monitoring and measuring work flows and procedures as recorded,
  • Providing studies aiming the target and result,
  • Providing working continuous improvement,
  • Showing fair and protection approach to the employees,
  • Making career planning studies covering all employees,
  • Employing promising persons in the organization,
  • Fulfilling customers demands and expectations and customer-oriented work,
  • Providing training opportunities which will develop profession and capabilities of the employees,
  • Being one of the leading companies as an organization desired to be employed.

Recruitment and placing

Giving equal opportunities to all in recruitments and employing efficient human resources who are highly motivated, show loyalty to the company and cooperation, carry Decowall to the future are our basic principles. For this reason, we select our employees from the candidates who will be able to meet the values of the company and the capabilities of the work and we carry out procedures according to the standards and methods specified for choosing correct candidates to correct positions. Students who have done internship in our company are potential candidates as well.