Why Decowall ?

We are committed to the environment and human health
We produce water-resistant wallpape
We produce solar and heat resistant wallpaper
We provide more thermal insulation with high quality material
We provide more sound insulation with high quality material
Our wallpapers remaining life of 15 years on the wall
Paint is solvent free, water-based paints are used
We guarantee wallpapers to 10 years
We offer a warranty on the ground deteriorate when the product is removed from the wall
Our wallpapers 3-step washing resistant and easy to clean
Our wallpapers does not odor, moisture or humidity
All products stocked in our work, making quick delivery


We use non-solvent paints in our products.

Our paints are scentless.

Safe for human health & environment-friendly.


Our products’ lifetime after application is 15 years and it is more economic when compared to wall paints.
Covering all the walls of your house with Decowall Wallcoverings brings an extra benefit for acoustic and thermal insulation.
If replacing circumstances appear about your wallcoverings, we guarantee smooth surface for your wall for new applications.


Coating PVC onto the base paper is applied by our last technology coating line, which is first and the only in Turkey, in our factory.

Prevents moisture between the base paper and PVC.

Easy to clean and high resistance to water and sunlight.

Prevents oxidation especially on metallic colours like gold and silver.


We decrease the amount of the wastage while application by setting our wallpapers as 106 cm x 1020 cm.


The delivery time of our products to the most distant place in Turkey takes maximum 2 days.
Our product range which is displayed in our catalogs are always in availability in our storage and are delivered to our clients accurately in the fastest duration.
Kataloglarımızda yer alan ürün yelpazemizdeki tüm desenler stoklarımızda mevcuttur, müşterilerimize sıfır hata ve en hızlı sürede ulaştırılmaktadır.


Environment and Human Health is one of the most important principle for Decowall Wallcoverings. According to our responsibility concept ; we constructed the last technology R.T.O Purifying System in our factory to eliminate the harmful effects of our waste and transform them to water vapor.


Superior quality products produced at world standards.

Envıronmental polıcy

Production sensitive to human and environmental health

Open to ınnovatıon

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